Karen Reis (codenamed Artemis) is a main character and secondary protagonist of Paragon. She is a former United States Army Sergeant, and capable of hitting any target with any weapon.

Biography Edit

The daughter of two US Army veterans, Karen was groomed her entire life for military service. This became a problem when Karen came out to her parents as gay when she was 15, because it was still illegal for openly gay men and women to serve in the armed forces.

Appearance Edit

Karen is below average height, at 5 foot 5 inches (165 cm), with shoulder length black hair, and a slight heterochromia in her eyes (dull blue in her left eye and dull green in her right). Her favorite outfit is a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt, a short leather jacket and shoulder holsters, but she has been known to wear her US Army uniform on occasion.

Powers Edit

Karen's only powers are improved perception and impossible aiming ability, allowing her to target and fire upon any enemy with any projectile. She usually use her power in conjunction with pistols or rifles, but it works just as well with bows and thrown projectiles.

Personality Edit

Karen, despite being a notorious hard-ass as a drill sergeant, is actually very shy and easily sexually frustrated by being flirted at, blushing constantly when merely in Roxy's presence for a short while after first meeting her.

Relationships Edit

Roxanne Furst Edit

The woman who saved Karen from being frozen in the depository. She fell in love at first sight, and quickly entered a relationship with her.

Leto Reis Edit

Her mother.

Blake Reis Edit

Her father.

Jake Newark Edit

The other object of Roxy's affections.

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