Roxanne Furst (codenamed Paragon) is the primary protagonist of Paragon. She is a nuclear physicist and electrical engineer, and possesses the greatest strength and intelligence of any superhuman on earth.


Roxy was born on December 3rd, 2000, in the city of Danesville, Wisconsin . She is the daughter of Johanna Furst, a Jewish-German immigrant. When she was 7, Roxy lost her mother to Lung Cancer, which led to her being diagnosed with major depression at the age of 10. In 2018, she enrolled in the University of Wisconsin, Danesville, intending to major in Electrical Engineering. On September 3rd, 2018, after the event occurred, she gained her powers and fled from Danesville, not returning until August 2028. She was recruited by The Foundation for Human Interests in 2020, and worked as an Agent and Researcher for the intervening 8 years.


Roxy is distinctively short, at 4 feet 9 inches (144 centimeters), with short white hair and bright green eyes. She prefers to wear t-shirts and jeans, with a labcoat over them if one crosses her path.


Roxy has Thor-Class Superstrength, Odin-Class Superinteligence, Adamantium bones, and a handful of secondary powers, including high reaction speed, low-level healing factor, high resistance to neurological damage, and high resistance to blunt force.


Roxy is more often than not irrepressibly cheerful and snarky, rarely missing a chance to gain an ally and make witty banter, even in the midst of combat. She is incredibly impulsive, a trait which more often than not leads to her distracting from her primary goals and getting into trouble. 

She is a very amourous person, and bisexual (describing herself as "a definitive Kinsey 3"), which has led to her entering a polyamourous relationship with both Jake Newark and Karen Reis.

Roxy has a deep and abiding love for Superhero media, which she has repeatedly traced back to her having seen the first Iron Man film at the age of 7. She has deliberately, and somewhat subconsciously, modeled herself after Tony Stark, adopting his snarkyness and drinking problems, as well as his wide-ranging technical savvy.


David FurstEdit

Her brother. David has always been around for Roxy, and has always pushed her to be the very best that she could. Even as an adult and a more powerful superhero, Roxy still looks up to her big brother as an ideal hero.

Jake NewarkEdit

One of Roxy's oldest friends, and current boyfriend.

Karen ReisEdit

A stranger whose life Roxy saved, and current girlfriend.

Jane NewarkEdit

Roxy's oldest friend.

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