A science fiction tale of adventure and excitement. 

Characters Edit

Redeemer crew Edit

  • Saren Rho
  • Tyko Braje
  • Ren Sarvo
  • ADA-13798

Counter-Solar faction Edit

  • Harvey Blackwood
  • Hal Malik

Central Earth Navy Edit

  • Grand Admiral Chloe Verhoeven
  • Commander Thomas Braid
  • Beatriz Delgado
  • Dr. Hanna Larson
  • Faiza Vesta Mawakizi
  • Adrianna Visser
  • Galena Malakhova
  • Michelle Lee
  • Aileen O'Connor

Central Earth Government Edit

  • President Free
  • Governor Miranda Teller

Planets Edit

  • Earth
  • Minerva
  • Summer
  • Miranda
  • Pacifica
  • New Pandea
  • 7849-7743-Andromeda-c
  • 7849-7743-Andromeda-b2

Ships Edit

  • BHG Redeemer
  • CEG Spectre
  • The Boundless
  • The Stymphalian
  • UEF Loki
  • UEF Thor
  • UEF Odin

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