2500 years after his people were forced into hiding, Erric, the Last Alchemist, goes out into the world of Iris in search of others like him.

Characters Edit

Alchemists Edit

  • Erric Terynsson
  • Sanja Terynsdottir
  • Halja Terynsdottir
  • Teryn Teloson
  • Estus Kingston
  • Ysha Fireheart
  • Inael Rosewilt

Fey Edit

  • Malde
  • Delde
  • Felda
  • Olden
  • Dracula
  • Silvermoon
  • Piscia

Magic Beings Edit

  • Lilith Dracfilia
  • Gimmel Dawnherald
  • Pip Freehalf
  • Pim Freehalf

Other Edit

  • The Princess of the Dawn
  • The Archmage

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